This is the readme.doc for the Images of the Drosophila nervous system database maintained by the Fischbach lab.


Many Drosophila labs have started or are planning to provide useful information in www. Without linking knots, this information is somewhat chaotically distributed and not so easy to access. Therefore, we plan to build such a knot, first of all for our own (teaching) use, but - due to the nature of www - this can be used by all of you. That's all. We shall enter here our own Golgi work, immunolabelling and other available data (not only structural) about the nervous system of the fly. Emphasis will be (in the long run) on the neurogenetics of the visual system of Drosophila . These data will be crosslinked to the neurobiological data given free by your lab. References to the Flybrain Project will also be included. Actually, fusion of our data with the core or Poster Session in Flybrain is under way. Images of the Drosophila Nervous System will, however, also contain references to other Drosophila resources around the world. Thus a decentralised international dataweb about the neurobiology of the fly brain will evolve. Images of the Drosophila Nervous System will also built experimental hypertours for teaching purposes (some in German) that may or may not find entry into the more official Flybrain Project.


If you want to add links to your own pages, you can do this here directly. You can also present a poster in our permanent poster session. Submit your poster data via email, on disc or as a hardcopy. Our work on automated data submission forms is not yet completed. The Poster Session is now linked to the Flybrain Project. This means that all data will be automatically mirrored on a daily basis to all Flybrain mirror sites. For submitting your data to the reviewed and (in future) fully citable Flybrain Project core database see there.


In order to minimise electronic traffic on our local computer net, and in order to maximise speed for your own data retrieval, we would welcome, if you download links and data to your own system. However, in order to stay informed about new entries we recommend to keep a link to our update history page (/Atlas/text/lastFi.html).


The copyright remains with the labs where the data originate from according to their own regulations. As far as our own unpublished data are concerned, they must not be modified. Unmodified they can be used freely for scientific and educational purposes with two exceptions: In case of publication, permission is required. In general, the person in our lab responsible for the preparation should be mentioned in the figure legend (e.g. ...with kind permission of N.N.). In case of commercial use of our data (hope keeps alive) our permission is also required.


As far as the text accompanying our pictures is concerned we hope, but do not claim that the interpretations of the data contained herein are always right. In case you disagree, your comments are welcome ( We are not responsible for any harm caused by usage of our data or by the belief in our interpretations.


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