FlyBase, genetic and molecular data for Drosophila

FlyBase, a Drosophila genome database

This Drosophila database contains genetic and other information collected from all current and past scientific studies on these species of fruit fly. See the "Alternate Views" section for other flybase servers, including in the United Kingdom and the USA. Mail your comments to

[text  ] About FlyBase
[menu  ] Genes
A merge of the GENES sections of Lindsley and Zimm (1992) with Ashburner's original files and with subsequent updates.
[menu  ] Aberrations
Chromosomal aberrations, including deficiencies, duplications, inversions, translocations, and others
[menu  ] Clones
Clones section includes Cosmids, P1 clones, YACs of D.melanogaster and P1 clones of D. virilis, EST and STS information and related items.
[menu  ] Maps
Genetic maps of D. melanogaster and the Deficiency maps from Lindsley and Zimm (1992). Network-linked maps for browsing are included.
[menu  ] People
An address, telephone, fax and email directory of Drosophila workers.
[menu  ] Stocks
Stocks lists for D. melanogaster and Drosophila species.
[menu  ] Documents
FlyBase manuals and other documentation. Includes the complete text of Lindsley and Zimm (1992).
[menu  ] News
News about FlyBase, an archive of DIN and of the bionet.drosophila bulletin board.
[menu  ] References
A 'complete' bibliography of publications on Drosophila.
[menu  ] Working papers
Copies of working documents of the FlyBase Consortium.
[menu  ] Allied fly data
Drosophila databases distributed but not maintained by FlyBase. Includes P1 clone and European cosmid lists, and genetic databases for other species of Drosophila.
[menu  ] Nomenclature
Files concerning problems of naming genes, alleles, aberrations, transposons, etc.
[menu  ] Transposons
Information about transposons, transformation vectors and plasmids.
[menu  ] Alternate Views
Alternate servers of FlyBase data, and alternate arrangements of FlyBase data.
[menu  ] Functions
Drosophila genes sorted by their 'functions'.
[menu  ] External databanks
Information on links between FlyBase and other databanks, such as GenBank.
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[menu  ] wild_stocks