Ramos, R. C., Igloi, G. L., Lichte, B., Baumann, U., Maier, D., Schneider, T., Brandstätter, J. H., Fröhlich, A., and Fischbach, K. F. (1993). The irregular chiasm C-roughest locus of Drosophila, which affects axonal projections and programmed cell death, encodes a novel immunoglobulin-like protein. Genes Dev. 7, 2533-2547


The axonal projection mutations irregular chiasm C of Drosophila melanogaster co-map and genetically interact with the roughest locus required for programmed cell death in the developing retina. We have cloned the genomic region in 3C5 by transposon tagging and identified a spatially and temporally highly regulated single transcription unit that produces a major mRNA species of approximately 5.0 kb. Postembryonic expression is strong in the developing optic lobe and in the eye imaginal disc. The gene encodes a transmembrane protein (764 aa) with five extracellular immunoglobulin-like domains and similarity to the chicken axonal surface glycoprotein DM-GRASP/SC1/BEN. Both known irreC alleles reduce the level of transcription, while the roughestCT mutation disrupts the intracellular domain of the protein.

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