List of enhancer trap lines

  1. Enhancertrap line Gal4(1369), was isolated by Jochen Urban and Gerhard Technau (Universität Mainz). In the adult central brain it nicely labels a subset of olfactory receptor axons and neurons of the central complex. Note the antennal commissur. Gal4 expression is also in the larval and pupal visual system. When this Gal4-line is used to misexpress IrreC-rst, dramatic phenotypes arise in the visual system, but not in the central brain or the antennal system. This unresponsiveness of central brain structures to IrreC-rst misexpression is similar in lines Gal4(507) and Gal4(124), see below.

  2. pupal central brain expression pattern of GAL4(507)

  3. pupal central brain expression pattern of GAL4(124)

  4. embryonic expression pattern of GAL4(1407) using BEN as reporter

  5. Gal4-enhancer traps in the Flybrain Project database

  6. Trapped glial cells in the optic lobe

  7. FlyView enhancer trap database (Münster)

  8. Larval lacZ enhancer trap patterns of Marie Meister (Strasbourg). This is a verbal description of lines available from the Bloomington stock center as announced by Kathy Matthews in

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